Success at Netball Paris' 2018 Spring Tournament

On Saturday 5th May, Netball Paris hosted our 2018 Spring International Tournament at the British School in Paris. The day was packed full of over 25 Netball games, a Zumba-style warm up session, shared picnic lunch, all followed by a fun night out in central Paris!

Eight teams from across Europe, including teams from Brussels, London, Amsterdam, and a few based in Paris, competed in the day-long competition. With a total of over 100 netball enthusiasts on-site, including players, support personnel, help volunteers, and committee members, it was nice to see so many people brought together by their love of the sport.

A big congratulations to everyone who competed, plus a further 'well done' to Amsterdam 1st place winners, Cranberries 2nd place and London 3rd place.

Additional highlights were 28+ degree sun, cake and cookie sugar overload in the bake-sale, and our resident megaphone superstar, Joe!

Thanks again, Netball lovers!